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You might have heard this before but once you step into a studio class full of people you could get the feeling that you misunderstood this message. The average yoga class is filled with adolescents and young adults, who all seem to know exactly what is going on and bend effortlessly into the most amazing shapes.

In the past years we have heard many times from different people that they would love to discover more about yoga, but what generally holds them back is the fact that they feel they wouldn’t be able to fit into a general yoga class.

The reasons of this could be many, and we feel that it is a shame that you are missing out! We decided to create a yoga retreat especially for you. A couple of days that will give you the opportunity to explore what yoga is, to enjoy delicious Italian food and to relax in the Sardinian sun.

You will work through some basic asana (yoga postures) and breathing exercises. You will learn how to flow through a sequence of asana and how you can connect your breath with your movement. You will learn about yoga philosophy and its origins. And you will be guided in mindfulness and meditation practice.

The most important thing to remember in this retreat is you. How do you feel, what do you need, what do you like, where do you struggle, what stops you?

You will be staying  at Su Ferreri. For more information about the house and the hosts click here and here.

Come and join us on this beautiful journey inward and onward. Feel free to send us a message with any questions, inquiries or doubts. 

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Tickets provide you with the full program, accommodation and three great home cooked, vegetarian meals per day (including fresh fruit, water and tea during the day).

We have a limited amount of early bird tickets available for 777 euro.

When the early bird tickets sell out, tickets will be 850 euro.

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What to anticipate?

Daily yoga classes

A variety of yoga styles

Personal attention

Yoga posture workshop

Nature walks

Excursions to the beach and an archeological site

Soundscape music meditation (live)

Italian cooking class

Italian language class