Restorative for some, healing for many, a great holiday for all. Su Ferreri is a space where we all can disconnect in order to reconnect. 

We are passionate about a conscious way of living, one that is more sustainable, balanced and fulfilling. We might need to unlearn certain truths about ourselves and our lives and rewild so we become open and aware of our inner voice.




Alessandro grew up in Cagliari in the south of Sardinia. He has always felt a strong connection to the island, her nature and her mystic history. Another important connection to him is music, he can get lost in rhythms, vibrations and tones hours at a time. After a period of traveling and studying in Italy, Spain, Brazil and Austria, and getting a degree in economics and finance, he felt it was time to return to his beloved island in 2015 and work at his dreams. Since his return he has been working day and night together with his lover Sandra to transform the heritage of his fathers family into a school of life.

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Sandra was born and raised in Breda, the Netherlands. She has been a free spirit since the day she was born, always willing to go out into the world and discover as much as she could. She appreciates the raw beauty of nature greatly and has a profound interest in human behaviour. Many travels and different studies guided her way toward where she is today. She has a bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology and is a certified Lifecoach and yoga teacher. She didn’t have to think long when Alessandro asked her to move to Sardegna with him. Su Ferreri is a combination of many of her dreams and interests.

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Frequently asked questions

The area

Is there a groceries store next to Su Ferreri?

In front of the house there is a fruit&vegetables store. Next door a shop with nearly everything. In the center of the village another store with groceries. The closest supermarket is 10 km further, in Ghilarza.

Can I get to Su Ferreri with public transport?

You can easily reach Abbasanta train station from Cagliari and Olbia airport. From there you can book a taxi that will bring you to Sorradile for about 15€. has the train timetable

Where is Su Ferreri?

Su Ferreri is in the center of Sardinia, in the village of Sorradile. The people here have big smiles and friendly words (in Italian or Sardo) and a 'ciao!' for everyone. Sorradile is close to a beautiful lake and lush forests and hills. Sardinia is the second biggest island in the mediterranean sea (after Sicily) and has a density of population of nearly 70 inhabitants per km2. This means that there is a lot of free space around :) The area where Su Ferreri is placed is out of the main touristic routes of Sardinia (mainly the coast and the beaches), therefore unexplored and intact. Traditions are still kept alive by the locals who live in the villages of the middle of the island.

What activities and sports can be done around Su Ferreri?

Su Ferreri is the perfect place to set your base during a biking or cycling holiday. There are many walking routes around and interesting archeological sites as well as serene little churches to visit. As we are in the middle of Sardinia you will be able to explore the islands many treasures easily from our location. The closest beach is a forty minute drive.

Can I book a boat or canoe tour in the lake?

Yes, a local person rents canoes and organizes boat trips. Contact us for further info

Can I wakeboard on the lake?

Yes, but you will have to bring your own gear as at the moment there is not the possibility to rent it in this area

Is there a lake next to Su Ferreri?

Yes, the lago Omodeo. It has been built between 1920 and 1924. It is 20km long and home to many fish and birds.

How do I get there?

You can book a shuttle service with our partners for 150€ from AHO, CAG, OLB airports 15€ from Abbasanta train station

The house

Are animals allowed at Su Ferreri?

Of course they are! But we need to know it in advance, and apply an extra cleaning fee of 30€ for stays up to 1 week.

Is Su Ferreri accessible to people with reduced mobility?

No, as the rooms are in the first floor. Sorry!

Can I drink the water from the tap at Su Ferreri?

The pipes of the water system in the village are old, and sometimes rusty. For this reason the water is rich with chlorine. You can drink it, but we advise you to let the water rest for some hours to allow the evaporation of the chlorine (this wherever you are, not only at Su Ferreri).


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancel 40 days prior to arrival 100 percent of full booking fee is due to Su Ferreri Cancel 50 days prior to arrival 80 percent of full booking fee is due to Su Ferreri Cancel 60 days prior to arrival 100 per cent of prepaid deposit is due to Su Ferreri Cancel 90 days prior to arrival 50 per cent of prepaid deposit is due to Su Ferreri Cancel 91+ days prior to arrival, booking deposit is refunded less €50 administration costs

How do I book a room?

You can book your room at Su Ferreri guesthouse by sending us an email at or through the contact form in the homepage. You will be contacted within 24 hours for the confirmation and a cost overview. We will ask you to transfer a deposit in order to finalize your stay. This deposit will be decurted by your total price.

Are there extra costs?

When you book a room you will be asked to pay a cleaning fee of 50€ for every week of rental. This will cover the cleaning of the common spaces and of your room, as well as the cleaning of linen and towels. In the winter there will be a daily wood stash and pellet for our two stoves that you can use to heat up the house. If you want any extra wood we can provide it for you but there will be additional costs. Every service that you want to book other than accommodation has a separate cost, except in the case you book one of our special offers. Have a look at the prices&rates page to learn more.


Is there an age limit to participate to your retreats?

There is no age limit, everyone is welcome to the retreats. Some of them might be for advanced movement practicioners, while others might be dedicated to 50+ aged. This information will be specified in the retreat page.


What does Su Ferreri do to protect the environment?

We at Su Ferreri are commited to reducing the ecological footprint that humans have in this world. We do so by: - minimizing the use of non ecological detergents - giving to our guests a home made soap bar upon arrival - buying food locally and when possible organic - not cooking meat - when possible we use animal products that come from small scale local producers - reducing the use of plastic and packaged goods